• What You Don't Know About Me

    Patricia and Ikendu meet in a town in Italian-speaking Switzerland. He comes from Mali, she's employed and the single mother of two daughters. He keeps silent about the reasons for his flight, but he's a fantastic cook and brings warmth and stability into the chaos that is Patricia's life. After their wedding, they live a carefree life, without asking each other too many questions. But one day, Ikendu is arrested and incriminated as a drug dealer by his codefendants.
    Now, a difficult period begins for the couple. They both find out things they had previously hidden from one another. At times, this leaves
    them speechless, at others it causes violent arguments. They often don't understand the world any longer. Nonetheless their relationship takes an important step forward.


  • White Flowers

    Italy, a man wakes up in a hotel room. He has a wound in the head and a gun under the pillow, but no recollection of his identity or past life. Soon he realizes he is in danger, chased by someone who wants to kill him.
    Yuki is a Japanese young illustrator of manga’ books who decides to go to Italy, looking for inspiration to draw her new graphic novel.
    In Italy Yuki meets the man with no memory, Marcello, who works as frame maker now. Yuki starts to draw the novel, induced by a young man met by chance, using as lead protagonists the faces of Marcello and a woman, wife of a gangster boss.
    In the meantime between Marcello and Yuki a tender complicity is borning: they decide to leave together by car searching for a misterious place shown in a picture, the only one past element own by the man.  
    At the end of their trip the events of the novel they reveal to be part of the true past of the main characters, without Yuki knowing it.


  • Foto di scena


    Manuela, Chilean actress with Italian origins, is the narrator of a journey between the art of Carmengloria Morales.
    Moved from the curiosity of the story of her compatriot, Manuela begins a trip to find Carmengloria’s after seeing an interrupted documentary called Destierro.
    The artist seems to be vanished and with her all her life.
    A fire destroyed her house and all her belongings.

    Biografilm Festival 2019 - concorso (miglior fotografia)


  • Il Banchiere Anarchico

    At the end of a dinner in his spartan and closely guarded home, an extremely powerful banker celebrates his birthday in a frugal manner. The occasion provides an opportunity for his only guest (and perhaps only friend) to satisfy his curiosity regarding the man’s mysterious but irresistible rise to enormous wealth. Of humble origin, the banker claims that his financial empire stems from a desire for an advanced social struggle, one to be conducted in solitude but not for this reason any less radical than the ideology of those who profess themselves to be out-and-out anarchists. The banker argues that the act of isolating oneself is the only way to lead a truly revolutionary life, the only possibility for a political militancy superior to that of his old comrades in rebellion, whom he dismisses today as “the whores of the great libertarian doctrine.” The man stuns his guest with a cultured and sophisticated exposition infused with incendiary ideas of opposition to the injustices of the bourgeoisie and fierce denunciations of the excessive power of the deadly poison that undermines our freedom from within: money. Money that the banker has squirrelled away without scruples and without rules. In order to be free, he claims. Without shame.

  • Arrivederci Saigon

    "Arrivederci Saigon", a film documentary directed by Wilma Labate which will be presented to the press & industry on September 4th 2018 at the 75th Venice Film Festival, in the Official Selection in the new non-competitive Sconfini section, is the incredible story of  “Le Stars”, the young Italian band that from the Tuscan province is sent unexpectedly to Vietnam, to perform in the American military bases.

    Un film di Wilma Labate

    con Viviana Tacchella, Rossella Canaccini, Daniela Santerini e Franca Deni, nel ruolo di se stesse, ovvero LE STARS
    in collaborazione con Rai Cinema, Istituto Luce Cinecittà, AAMOD, Rai Com

    Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia 2018 - Sconfini

  • From up there by Teresa Paoli

    "From up there” tells about the fantastic encounter between two siblings and a same age superhero. Among secular vineyards and trackless woods, the three children will draw apart from the world of the adults and they’ll undertake a superlunar adventure, which will lead them to figure out the world of "up there”, the power of their own imagination.

    GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL - official competition

    directed by Teresa Paoli

    and first time on the screen

    Adele Marini, Tobia Marini and Leonardo Nespeca

    with the special partecipation of Claudio Bigagli 

    and the support by FEUDI DI SAN GREGORIO

    15' Short film