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7 Days directed by Rolando Colla, produced by Solaria Film and distributed by Solaria Film and Movimento Film, in collaboration with Lo Scrittoio will be in the movies since 24 August.
In the 7 Day cast, who attended the Taormina Film Fest 2017 and is competing at Bolzano Film Festival 2017, Bruno Todeschini, Alessia Barela, Marc Barbè.

Trailer 7 Days


Foto di scena

By Samuele Rossi

We are proud to announce that GlassBoy, the new film in development, written and directed by Samuele Rossi and produced by Emanuele Nespeca for Solaria Film with WILDart FILM and EchiVisivi, has managed to be among the five films admitted to the new Bando Cinema of the Toscana Film Commission. A very important result after the Creative Europe Media Development Fund, MiBACT's First and Second Works Fund, and the Trentino Film Commission's Film Fund, that adds another crucial piece to the film's realization.

In development: ENTIERRO

ENTIERRO is the debut of Maura Morales Bergmann.
The documentary film is born with the idea of telling facts that have actually happened in the history of the famous Chilean artist Carmengloria Morales through his art and his relationship with music. 
The film, produced by Solaria Film and Doramama, is currently under development.
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Facilities & Services

Solaria Film is formed to produce films, television and multimedia. Also in Executive production of feature films, short films and documentaries.

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  • Intrecci directed by Teresa Paoli and produced by Solaria Film is under development.
  • Redemption Song by Cristina Mantis in post production
  • November 2015 - dvd rent and sell Io sono nata viaggiando
  • Terra by De Angelis e Di Trapani special mention in Festival Nuovo CInema Pesaro  - June 2015
  • 7 Days by Rolando Colla in post production


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