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ENTIERRO - programma ibermedia

di Marco Guelfi

Electric bass, drums and percussion, guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, double bass, piano, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, violin, cello, viola, French horn, tuba, accordion, vocals (male and female): are all instruments that will participate in the composition of the Jazz National Orchestra of Young Talents. 125 talents from all over Italy, selected by the best representatives of the Italian jazz, will become 25 guys, twenty-five elements, twenty-five people that will give life to their swing, trying to follow their dream, live playing.

Evento speciale al 56° FESTIVAL DEI POPOLI

Trailer - Quest'Italia suona il Jazz



Foto di scena

A Starets, a sort of angel of judgment sent from another world to decide the fate of the mankind, deserts his mission and he chooses to live on Earth assuming the human form. But on his planet they are already set on destroying the Earth and so, from the sky, they have issued a terrible condemnation. A young woman will help the Starets to save the mankind. The film is composed by fiction scenes, documentary images and archive material.

Menzione Speciale della Giuria alla 50 + 1 MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE DEL NUOVO CINEMA DI PESARO

Trailer cinema - Terra


Redemption Song, the new documentary project by Cristina Mantis discovers with Cissoko Aboubacar a different question about Africa and Immigration.
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Facilities & Services

Solaria Film is formed to produce films, television and multimedia. Also in Executive production of feature films, short films and documentaries.

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  • GlassBoy by Samuele Rossi supported by Creative Europe Media
  • Redemption Song by Cristina Mantis in post production
  • November 2015 - dvd rent and sell Io sono nata viaggiando
  • Terra by De Angelis e Di Trapani special mention in Festival Nuovo CInema Pesaro  - June 2015
  • 7 Days by Rolando Colla in post production


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