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Arrivederci Saigon - Venezia 75° selezione Ufficiale

by Maura Morales Bergmann

“Destierro” is the title of a documentary in which Jorge Arriagada, a musician, and Carmengloria Morales, a painter, both from Chile, discuss  music and painting.
Carmengloria arrived in Italy in the fifties and never went back to Chile, living an intense and full life that turned into a secluded and discreet living.
Something strange happened, and Carmengloria vanished without a trace.
To understand what happened to the artist, Maura asks her friend Manuela Manuela to help her unravel the documentary by reconstructing Carmengloria’s whereabouts and - ultimately - her story.
Together, Maura and Manuela embark on a journey around the life and art of Carmengloria: a life dedicated to art.
Supported by Ibermedia Programme, MIBACT and CNCA Chile



Foto di scena

The new movie of Marco De Angelis and Antonio Di Trapani. 

Italy, a man wakes up in a hotel room. He has a wound in the head and a gun under the pillow, but no recollection of his identity or past life. Soon he realizes he is in danger, chased by someone who wants to kill him.
Yuki is a Japanese young illustrator of manga’ books who decides to go to Italy, looking for inspiration to draw her new graphic novel.
In Italy Yuki meets the man with no memory, Marcello, who works as frame maker now. Yuki starts to draw the novel, induced by a young man met by chance, using as lead protagonists the faces of Marcello and a woman, wife of a gangster boss.
In the meantime between Marcello and Yuki a tender complicity is borning: they decide to leave together by car searching for a misterious place shown in a picture, the only one past element own by the man.  
At the end of their trip the events of the novel they reveal to be part of the true past of the main characters, without Yuki knowing it.

Supported by Università Roma Tre, Regione Liguria, Regione Calabria, MIBACT


From up there tells about the fantastic encounter between two siblings and a same age superhero. Among secular vineyards and trackless woods, the three children will draw apart from the world of the adults and they’ll undertake a superlunar adventure, which will lead them to figure out the world of "up there”, the power of their own imagination.


Giffoni Film Festival 2018 - official competition
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Solaria Film is formed to produce films, television and multimedia. Also in Executive production of feature films, short films and documentaries.

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  • GlassBoy by Samuele Rossi supported by Creative Europe Media
  • Redemption Song by Cristina Mantis in post production
  • November 2015 - dvd rent and sell Io sono nata viaggiando
  • Terra by De Angelis e Di Trapani special mention in Festival Nuovo CInema Pesaro  - June 2015
  • 7 Days by Rolando Colla in post production


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